Quality Control , Environmental Protection and Safety

By streamlining and controlling our processes to be systematic, we are able to maintain the quality of the chemicals in the most consistent manner for the last 25 years and using our vigilant quality control measures, we are sure that we will able to keep maintain it with out any compromise.

We are producing chemicals giving due respect to our environment. We take care not pollute the nature in any form by adopting all precautionary measures to abide the norms and standards set by the pollution control board.

We implement safety measures within our work area on a regular basis and as an achievement we can proudly state that for the past 23 years, right from the beginning till date there has not been any accident that could be reported from within our premises. This shows that our workers are constantly made aware of the safety at workplace and they are committed towards adopting the safety tips brought to their notice in the day to day operations.